Sunday, April 29, 2007

Culture or the Lack of It -

When I met Rhishi today, it was beyond doubt that the topic of conversation is going to be WC final, in which in a splendid display of high quality cricket, the Champions won the cup. Before I go further, which is the topic of current discussion, I'd like to restate Glenn McGrath's comments on winning the world Cup - "In 1996 we lost in the final, in 1999 we won the WC, in 2003 we won the WC undefeated and this year we won the WC unchallenged, that has been our progress!" Remember this is not a rehearsed dialogue written on a paper, this is something that comes impromptu. So what lies deep beneath is the supreme confidence and a sheer attitude. Yes sunny the same freaking attitude that results in such a response..

So what makes them a great cricketing side? Rhishi said - it's not just about one game, it is the result of "culture for sports" that is lacking here. I couldn't agree with him more.

When I am speaking about culture, I am not speaking about "५००० साल पुरानी संस्कृती", I am speaking of an ecosystem, a social infrastructure etc.

Then the topic drifted to in general "lack of culture" for anything out here. I remember saying to pilot a couple of days back "Do you know why we don't have 14 year old hackers?(please no Ankit Fartia) 'Cos we don't have 8 year olds who see their dad (or mom) coding at home" and discussion started from there.

How poorly we raise our kids "I am speaking about well-to-do urban middleclass". If a child doesn't see his dad or mom doing coding or indulging in some kind of "active" hobby, the child is not going to think that this is something that he should be doing in life. What constitutes an "active" hobby, A hobby in which you "create" something for yourself. eg. "writing blog could be an active hobby", but "reading books (without writing reviews about them) or listening to music does not constitute active hobby".

So what is the culture in which our kids are raised? (well most of them) Parents busy making money, I have no objections to that. But their idea of spending quality time with family constitutes to "going to malls, eating at Mcdonalds and spending half of their time while doing this in finding a place to park their Maruti Swift or whichever car they own". This is not quality time - This is just entertainment, which no doubt is extremely important in one's life but not everything.

Thus if a kid is raised while watching is mom and possibly grandmon watching "झी अल्फा TV मराठी (typical middle class maharashtrian household) or सांस भी कभी बहु थीish" serials, he thinks there is nothing better than that in life to be done. If his dad is watching "star news/aaj tak" he thinks this is what is important in life.

And this is precisely what I call lack of culture.......

Of course having this culture is not going to create a breed of 14 year old hackers or Adam Gilchrists', but thats our best shot at it.......

Just to conclude - Though I am not a father but I find most of the parents teach their kids "all wrong things" -
eg. you should respect elders. Saying "शुभं करोती" (typical maharashtrian family) in the evening etc.

I think it'd be suffice if they teach them just two things "respect everyone" and "work hard", unfortunately the child is a demanding creature and he can learn things only when exemplified..


ArSh said...

Could not agree more with you!

- Arati

Apun Ka Desh said...

Interesting and true!