Friday, April 13, 2007

Computers 101

This was a loong overdue post. Thanks to a lot of folks I know for whom computers == Windows, sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with. Hence I decided to create a short course (hence the name 101) about computers....

1. Brand of the Computer is not the Brand of the Monitor (eg. those who buy Assembled computers often tell me that they've bought an "LG"" computer say.)

2. Without getting into basics of CPU (tower like black box which whines when you power it on), the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and webcam etc. Let me go straight to the business.

3. Computer generally stores files (Thus files are stored on computer, to be precise on "disk" and not stored "in Microsoft Word!" say)

4. A file is usually some data with some more information which some applications know how to read and thus can open those files. e.g. "Microsoft word can open a .doc file or is able to read a ".doc" file but not a ".exe" file. The .doc and .exe are called extensions which basically tells what type of file it is (which by the way is a very stupid way of doing things.. but lets leave it for the moment..)

5. You don't open a file by double clicking it.. When you double click a file an application (say "Internet Explorer" opens that file for you!) So please don't ever ever say anyone that open the file by double clicking it!!!!

6. Just like one uses Windows, there are other Operating Systems too. Now what the heck is an operating sytem? It is a program that runs other programs.... Ok for easier understanding you can treat it like God who runs the world!, but unlike God it is fallible (I guess God is fallible too!) Short form of Operating System is OS. Now some of you may think it is incredibly stupid for others to use other "so called Operating System" after all there is only one God.. To answer your question .. Just like different religions follow different God, there are other religions in Computers too! Respect them...(hoping you do in your real life)

7. Next time someone says he's on Linux please please understand all he means is he's using different Operating System.

8. Internet is a network of computers and Messenger, Internet Explorer etc. are applications that run on network or Internet. It is absolutely not necessary to use only those applications to talk with other applications. (How is for course 102)

I guess thats enough for 101.


ArSh said...


Hmm, good piece that one, but why lost your patience so early?
Or taking that you count in base2, why did u extend your "101"s to "1000" ?
Conclusion - you have bad maths or u dont stick to your word! ;)

- arati

Abhijit said...

actually NOT! Haven't you heard of courses like CS 101, EE 101 and so on? So on similar lines, this is Computers 101 :-) and by the way next logical thing after 101 is 110 and not 1000 (Thats way too much to ask for free!! :-P