Friday, May 18, 2007

Why don't we have class action suits?

I happened to read an interesting bit of news today in TOI (I agree news and TOI don't go hand in hand, still). The news was about - how the "eternal incompetent महावितरण" had to pay a sum of 25000 rupees for the damage caused to a person's electronic appliances.

He got the damages paid for, however I am sure there are many more who didn't chase this up all the way and have been left penalized for someone elses fault.

I wonder why we don't have class action suits aka torts here in India, where an incidence like this could result in these companies end-up paying hefty sums for their incompetence and this is the sureshot way of making sure that the quality of service is improved eventually.

Possible candidates for Class action suit -

1. महावितरणand all other Electricity boards
2. Tata Indicom (broadband)
3. Almost all GSM operators

It seems like all other professionals, lawyers in India also don't think beyond the obvious?

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