Sunday, June 03, 2007

Officially Jobless!!!

So finally the time has arrived. I always maintained that those who don't get a KT in engineering and those who are not "officially jobless" for atleast a month, can't do much in life. Thanks to my निकम्मापन, I didn't manage the first thing and the second thing eluded me for some real good time. But, they say late is better than never and here I am finally, officially jobless!!

Before, some may have doubts about my employer, let me assert firmly that PANTA is doing really well and my being jobless has nothing to do with company's state, on the contrary I believe PANTA to do a touch better now, since the official पनवती is out! :-)

It was a tough decision to quit PANTA, since I was associated with PANTA India from the day 1 (rather it won't be inappropriate to call from the day 0). and it is kind of hard to accept that tomorrow I am not going to be going to the office and I am no longer part of the "grad school" named PANTA. But when the time comes, the time comes.

Being jobless does not mean that I am going to be workless, on the contrary, I have a fear that I might just get overwhelmed by the fact that I have so much to do and so much of time, so time management is going to be extremely crucial going forward.

Besides that I think I can dedicate all of my time to paahijen now, and we have a bunch of interesting things happening already and there will is going to be a lot more out there.

Looking forward to coming days, and I believe that these are going to be one of the most crucial few days.....

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Akky said...

welcome to the gang ;)

[do both of you (u and pilot] have the same tag (hope u remember y i overemphasizd tag)?