Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Humour "finance news style" -

I have been reading a slew of finance news off-late. Here are some interesting picks from those.

Credit Crunch in second life as well?

This story on minyanville reports some interesting anecdote about a credit crunch in second life, as if the one in first life is not good enough.

Another cool picture from an article in minyanville.

If one's not still satiated go and read bloomberg for any of the announcements made by Goldman Sachs about their "quant funds". There is more fun out there than you'd find in a Disney cartoon.

Now something about a Toy Story

Mattel has withdrawn 13.4 million chinese made toys from the market, which had more lead paint than permitted by regulation. So where are those toys going to get dumped? You right the dumping yard of Uncle Sam, India. Isn't this a reason why uncle Sam is so hard pressed about the Nuke deal? Where'd you dump the nuclear waste otherwise?

Why does blogger have a nasty "onKeyPress" that renders my typing to a near halt?

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