Sunday, February 25, 2007

HMTPL blues.....

Well really I couldn't hold myself from writing about this "Wonderful" (pun intended) movie I saw today, "HMTPL" Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. The only good part about the movie was I watched it with Sujay. You've to watch a movie with Sujay to understand what this really means.

The movie has got a lot of unique things - Story in short is - It's about a bunch of couples going to Goa for honeymoon.

So far so good - There is a "Superman/Superwoman couple. Who fight once only in 16 years (atleast they claim so....) and make feline and bovine sounds before making love. Didn't know that the supercreatures have to go to sub-human levels.. anyways." Then there is this girl who's always in dreams and she finds an oyster (of course made up of cotton and wool) and there is a pearl in that oyster that unfortunately looks like an Dinausaurus Egg from Jurassic Park (ok thats' Sujay's idea not mine). Then there's a guy who's Gay (which he knows. already) but still marries a poor girl who's been ditched already, and the husband of the dreamer girl (yeah the same Jurasic Park Pearl one) who apparantly is attracted towards the Gay guy.. Hello, Are you still with me? Yes all of this is there in one movie...... And I sat for two hours watching this and being tortured...

Worst part of it all was - I was surrounded by too many members of fairer sex around, so couldn' t use my usual abusive impolite language while making comments about the movie and was reprimanded for disturbing by an elderly lady... (Actually I know what put her off.. But Let's leave that..)

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