Sunday, February 04, 2007

Flash Flex et al.

For a long time I wanted to develop a web based charting tool for the stock quotes at NSE. No google and yahoo charts don't come closer to what I have in mind. Basically what what I want to do is to have a good version of candle-stick charts for stocks and futures traded on NSE.

Choices I made -> Flash/Flex (without having a clue what it is!!) No java, there are some java based charts indiabulls has one, decent but not close to what I want. NSE official website also has one but no candle-stick.

So after deciding flex or flash it is, I started basing things googling about it. Frankly, I got thoroughly confused over what the heck is this all about? Plus I need some opensource, free (as in beer would do!) tools, just don't have the money to pay to Adobe.

So, First things first -> what is Flash? What is Flex? What is Flex2? What is ActionScript 3.0? Gosh.... luckily I found a nice blog entry which discusses basic things that I wanted to have answers for. So far so good.

Finally I thought (and it may turn out I am completely wrong) that Flex 2 SDK from Adobe, which is free could be what I need?

Thats where I stand as of now. More about this later.

Ok, After spending some more time with the Flex 2 SDK and Flex Charting Tool Sample Applications, I think this is what I really wanted. Next step is download some data, write down some code and build my Demo Stock Charts Application..

More about this Later.

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Harjot Narula said...

What exactly is in your mind? Have you done some work on this?