Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who runs our country?

Just something that came to my mind -

We have got a prime minister - Who goes ahead and signs a nuke deal and when push comes to shove, somersaults to say - "It is not end of life if this deal doesn't go through...." and then whines and cries and says "Allies didn't support nuclear deal..." and says he's 'embarrassed'. Actually Mr. honourable PM, we are embarrassed to have you as a prime minister. When was the last time we heard a prominent leader saying he's embarrassed, perhaps one should give some credit to the man for being honest, but there is something called dignity and our dear PM does not seem to have it.

We have got an agriculture minister - Who is when not watching a cricket match at some place on the earth, is busy acquiring farmer's lands for SEZs and cricket grounds. Who not only stops at that, but goes ahead and actually asks farmers that they should stop farming and do some other business and then in a typical politician style somersault - clarifies 'He intended to say that atleast one in the family should be doing a business other than agriculture." Are you asking the farmers to be Pitch Curators or Groundsmen? I am afraid, we've too much supply of them to be holding those jobs.

We have a finance minister - Whose official job it seems is that of a Capital Markets commentator. I guess you'd do better than Udayan Mukherjee? CNBC TV18 listening??? In his passtime, he like meddling with SEBI's affairs and making pre-emptive comments about stuff he's no business speaking at all and then 'clarifies' what he meant.

We have an external affairs minister - Whose primary job is to manage 'internal affairs'. When he's not passifying his next door neighbours in his home town Kolkata, I am not really sure what he's doing.

We have a chairperson of UPA - Who apparantly has no constitutional role, but generally is treated at par or sometimes above the head of the Government, ie. PM. Which I don't have too much crib about, still isn't that odd?

But isn't it true afterall, people 'deserve' the government they get? Don't americans 'deserve' a George Bush or a Hillary Clinton?

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