Sunday, July 29, 2007 is up now

A bit of an announcement. I was working part time on an application called "". It is finally up and in a usable state now.

It's basically a simple application, which allows one to save and share the words they learn. I used to come across several new words and didn't do anything about them. Thought this would be a nice useful application and in hindsight I was not wrong! ;-). Or to give it a web 2.0ish name, it is a "social vocabulary building" application. Sounds sexy right? ;-)

I am planning to add a few features in the coming days.

For those who are on facebook, if you like the app, please add this application, so that I can get 5 users and then can submit it to Facebook directory. Here is the application URL on facebook if one wants to add it.



Parimal said...

hi abhijith

I need ur help ..can u ping me on

Parimal said...

or provide ur id

Jatinder Singh said...

Hey Abhijit,

We are having a PuneRuby meet this weekend. if interested, register your self at,